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Crystal Starnes: Transforming Victimhood into Advocacy
Episode 349th July 2024 • Mindful Mutiny • Jeremy Van Wert
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In this powerful episode of the MindfulMutiny podcast, I sit down with Crystal Starnes, a passionate advocate for victims' rights and the founder of Voice for Victims, LLC. Starnes shares her harrowing experience of sexual assault by a superior in the judicial system and discusses the deep emotional impact it had on her. Despite facing ostracism and vilification, she turned her victimization into a platform to empower others, educate the community on prevention, and stand up to abusers. Starnes also talks about the broader implications of her work, advocating for more stringent laws and reforms to protect victims and ensure justice. Through her story and advocacy, Starnes inspires others to speak out, seek justice, and make positive change.

Crystal Starnes:

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