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Jordan Zaslow of Her Bold Move
Episode 4315th May 2024 • New Faces of Democracy • Nancy Bynum
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Four years ago, Jordan Zaslow was busy with her life running an advertising and entertainment production company, but when things shut down during covid in 2020, she found herself with time on her hands and lots of worries about the upcoming election. So she and her team decided to channel that anxiety into making pro bono campaign ads for female Democrats running for office, and Her Bold Move was born. Her Bold Move is now in their fourth election cycle and dedicated to electing more “pro-women” women who will influence policy on issues that matter to women, like reproductive rights and affordable childcare. Jordan and Nancy speak about the unique challenges and pressures women face when running for office, why we can’t leave behind women running in red state races, conquering imposter syndrome, and much more. If you want to learn more about Her Bold Move and help get more women into the rooms where it happens, check out their website,, where you can also find links to their social media.




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