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Chapter 158. " I'm a begatter, not a smiter..."
Episode 15815th May 2023 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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It’s a strangely hypnotic episode of TCD (sorry Lucy) this week and a complete antithesis to what was going down on #157.

This is partly due to the slight otherworldliness that occurs when Ant & I attempt to Zoom over long distance, particularly when it involves Hotel wi-fi as it makes serious conversation a little trickier. Which means we tend to follow the path of least resistance and let the conversation wend as it wishes...

So, after a jet-lagged mooch around old Montreal we begin by saying all is perfectly lovely whilst pondering the danger that Earl Grey presents in the workplace. We then have a foray into knitted characters, the old testament, a legendary attempt at joke-telling and the side effects of hormonal sleeping remedies, before settling on my plans for the week.

Down at the sports-bar the ice hockey never ends...

Love'n'Brazilians. In helicopters.





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