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Podcaster Stories - Danny Brown EPISODE 2, 14th October 2020
Talking with Jody Hanks and Chris Rash of The Digression Podcast
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Talking with Jody Hanks and Chris Rash of The Digression Podcast

In episode 2 of season 2 of Podcaster Stories, I sit down with Jody Hanks and Chris Rash of The Digression Podcast.

The Digression Podcast was born out of just about every conversation Chris and Jody ever had. What would ordinarily be a five-minute conversation easily becomes an hour and a half of asides, anecdotes, detours, transitions, tangents, war stories, wanderings, and ramblings.

Topics up for discussion this week include:

  • how their 20+ year career in the US Air Force built their close friendship, and resulted in the podcast
  • how Chris "maintained people" and how that shaped his later life
  • how their show had been prepping itself for 10 years offline before becoming the podcast it is today
  • how afternoon scotch and sake drove their creative juices
  • why tech was their biggest challenge when it came to starting the show
  • how the show grew from a once-a-month experiment to today's free-flowing version 
  • why engagement from their audience, and the feedback they get, is one of the best parts of doing the show
  • why their goal is to entertain, but to also discuss deeper topics on the show, like the military deaths at Fort Hood as well as sexual assault in the armed forces
  • how their own personal experiences offer insights into personal issues experienced in the military
  • why the Apollo Moon Landing episode they did for the 50th anniversary remains a favourite
  • how both Jody and Chris have a personal connection to these NASA missions
  • why they don't let conspiracy theorists and flat earthers get to them
  • how they got involved in rebuilding programs at Fort Keesler in Biloxi, Mississippi, after Hurricane Katrina  
  • how conditions were like an overseas deployment when it came to the facilities and hospital at Keesler
  • why it was key to rebuild the people and their morale first to start rebuilding the base
  • how Chris, his wife, and their newborn had to live in a ramshackle RV immediately after the birth
  • how they had to face two more hurricanes while they were rebuilding Keesler, and deal with the additional damage they brought
  • how the way a young airman graduating from Airman Leadership School was treated highlighted the changes that needed to be made at the base
  • why they had to change the lame squadron "cheer" into something more inspiring
  • how much of a culture change they had to initiate at the top
  • how they improved the fitness of those under their wing to be amongst the best on the base
  • how Jody and Chris have heard from people since they retired on why the processes and personal touch they put in place is missed
  • why the best way to go through life is to not take things too seriously
  • their best piece of advice for new podcasters

Settle back for an entertaining episode where two air force vets share their lessons on life, military service, building loyalty, and more.

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