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Your Pineal Gland: What you need to know now with Bianca Ruehlig, Manifestation Coach
Episode 9918th October 2022 • You Lost Me at Namaste • Michelle Schoenfeld
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Hello and welcome to a new season of You Lost Me at Namaste!

This season we will focus on all things BioHacking...basically what you can do naturally for improved wellbeing, health, happiness, rejuvenation and more. From Joe Dispenza, Tony Robbins and The LifeCo to your local wellness practitioner, heck even your own living room... we will cover it all this season.

First up: Your Pineal Gland. This small endocrine gland located in your brain between the 2 hemispheres, is often overlooked but it is a HUGE player in our overall wellbeing. Also referred to spiritually as the 3rd eye, it plays a major role in how we feel and in our body chemistry. Connected to our vagus nerve, it affects our serration, melatonin, hormones, digestive tract, confidence, hair growth and so much more. In this week's episode, I sit down with wellness enthusiast and Manifestation Coach, Bianca Ruehlig to learn more. She shares with us the science behind it, why we should care and what you can do to stimulate and keep it functioning well.

We will also discuss:

  • The importance of vibration in overall health
  • Leaky gut and digestive health
  • Sound Healing
  • Sun activation and grounding
  • Chakra energy meridians
  • Red light therapy
  • Hair growth and the spiritual connection
  • Mind body healing connection

Weekly Mantra:

"I am Happy. I am Healthy. I am Wise."

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Written and Produced by Michelle Schoenfeld

Original Score by Bryce Cashman

Sound Engineer and Technical Consultant, Dan Letchinger

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You are worthy, you are enough, and you were born to be happy.

~ namaste

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