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William of Stratford part 4: ‘With Mirth and Laughter Let Old Wrinkles Come.’
Episode 910th June 2024 • The History Of European Theatre • Philip Rowe
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Episode 122:

The fourth and final part of the biography of Shakespeare.

The rise of Shakespeare as actor and playwright for the Lord Chamberlain’s Men.

‘The Comedy of Errors’ performed at Grey’s Inn, ‘the night of errors.’

The influence of the inns of court.

Plays for special occasions.

Francis Meres’ comments on Shakespeare.

Shakespeare’s involvement in a legal summons.

The move from The Theatre to The Globe.

The opening of The Globe.

The sharers at The Globe.

Shakespeare lodging on Silver Street and his involvement with the Mountjoy family.

Shakespeare’s interests in Stratford-Upon-Avon.

The death of Hamnet Shakespeare.

New Place – Shakespeare’s home in Stratford.

Shakespeare’s business interests in Stratford.

The accession of James 1st and the creation of the King’s Men.

The King’s Men’s record of performance at Court.

The King’s Men take on the indoor Blackfriars Theatre.

Shakespeare buys a house near the Blackfriars Theatre.

The last works with collaborators.

The burning down and rebuilding of The Globe.

The last years in Stratford.

The death of Shakespere.

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