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Expanding Your Scope: Growing Through Supervision w/ Mackenzie Bradke
Episode 1415th May 2024 • Supervision Simplified • Supervision Simplified Podcast
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As a supervisee, we must connect with as many populations as possible to broaden our skills as emerging clinicians. As our guest today, MacKenzie, perfectly illustrates, we may find a more rewarding experience moving outside our initial focus groups.

So what are the ways we can explore these alternatives?

How does effective supervision help mold our career choices and opportunities?       

In today’s episode of “Supervision Simplified”, we are thrilled to welcome one of our amazing TheraQueens MacKenzie Bradke to discuss her supervision experience, as well as finding her true passion for working with Therapist Moms.

About Our Guest

MacKenzie Bradke is the owner of Follow Your Arrow Counseling, LLC, located in St. Charles, a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. MacKenzie also works with a collective of other independent therapists called Middle Path Wellness Collective.

Working with Moms and Therapist Moms dealing with the overwhelm and stress of parenting, caregiving, and working, MacKenzie focuses on all aspects of life from the anxiety they feel to prioritizing their self-care.

As a Self-Care ‘Mompanion’, MacKenzie helps TheraMamas all over the country prioritize their self-care without feeling guilty for wanting to have time for themselves.

To find out more about MacKenzie’s amazing Theramama Haven, visit or connect through socials HERE.




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