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601: Jarie Bolander – Step Into A Resilient Mindset of Ride or Die
Episode 60113th December 2023 • Life (UN)Closeted: LGBTQ+ Coming Out Stories & Advice for living out and proud! • Rick Clemons - LGBTQ+ Expert
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There's human experience that we will all face at some point. The trauma and tragedy of losing someone we love or care about. It is inevitable. When that moment comes, whether it is losing your family due to them not embracing you as LGBTQ, or actual loss of life due to an accident or disease, you have a choice - Ride or Die! Author Jarie Bolander shares his Ride or Die Journey with us today and it is guaranteed to show you how similar his closet is to our own about coming out in the midst of a tragedy.

About Jarie

Jarie is the author of a bunch of books on business and entrepreneurship. The most current one is Story-Driven Decks, which is all about how to create a pitch deck that gets you that next meeting with investors. IT’s book two of his Story-Driven Startups Series. His first non-business book, the subject of this podcast, came out in September and is about his late wife Jane and his experiences with her leukemia diagnosis and treatment. It's called Ride or Die: Loving Through Tragedy, A Husband's Memoir. Additionally, Jarie is an entrepreneur who for the better part of 30 years has been at various successful and not so successful startups. Currently he is a B2B Sales and Marketing strategy consultant that focuses on high ticket, complex products, mostly in SaaS companies that were put together via private equity. He lives in San Francisco and has found love again with a wonderful woman who has been instrumental in helping him live his best life after his first wife Jane passed away.

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