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Men and Work
Episode 11216th November 2022 • The Confident Man Podcast • David Maxwell
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As men, we need work. Work is not just something we do each day. Work is something we were created for. Work is essential for men because it is a big part of their development as men. Our gifts and abilities are fine-tuned and built up through work. Work is honorable and we need to be careful that society's attack on work doesn't affect us as men. When we stop working, it isn't good for us as men. Work is something we were designed for and work makes us better men. Work is noble! We must embrace work and let it help us develop our full potential as men.

1- Created for Work

  • Men love work
  • We were made for it
  • The origin of work
  • We connect with the creativity in work
  • Embrace your natural desire for work as a man

2 - Work and Flow

  • One of the reasons men love work is because it gives them something to focus on
  • A man's ability to be singularly focused is one of the most powerful aspects of our manhood
  • This makes us different from women and that is why we complement each other
  • Flow is the ability of men to give themselves over to the job they are doing
  • Men love flow because of the synergy
  • Men were created for flow

3 - Work's Satisfaction

  • One of the most interesting parts of work is the satisfaction it brings us as men
  • A job done well is important to us and our mentality as men
  • This is important because that sense of satisfaction is part of our drive as men
  • When men stop working and stop caring about work, they usually start down a road of destruction
  • As our society has sought ways to replace the working man, men have been devastated
  • Men without work and the satisfaction of work are often lost in life