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Implementing Progressive Parental Leave Policies – An Interview with Diageo
24th July 2019 • Podcast • Parents At Work
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Diageo launched a new Parental Leave Policy recently - one that leads the nation let alone the industry it operates in. The company offers 26 weeks of paid leave to all new parents, regardless of their gender or their role as primary or secondary carer. Previously (as it is in most organisations) paid leave was provided for only the primary carer and 19 times out of 20 the primary carer was female. Hence, this new policy is a critical step in Diageo’s journey towards establishing gender equality in their workplace.

In this interview, Kiri Stejko discusses this new policy with HR Director, Geraldine Joanes. We also hear from Diageo employee Matt DerSarkissian about his experience being a new dad on parental leave, and how he work’s flexibly with his new dual responsibilities.