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NCAA/U SPORTS Scholarships | The recruiting edge
Episode 718th June 2020 • ZoneTalk • Bob Palmer
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"Just like a company looks to create an edge and find something that differentiates its product or service, an athlete is going to look for that opportunity to separate themselves from the pack as well."

Zach Weissbach

In this ZoneTalk episode, we speak with Zach Weissbach, President of Visionary Sports and Development, and former Vice President of Hudson Athletic Recruiting in Canada. When Zach played junior-level hockey, he saw a real need for athletic advice and assistance, particularly with respect to college scholarship opportunities, which would have been highly valuable for him when he was a young athlete looking at his future.

Now in his current role, he has the opportunity to influence the future of up and coming athletes. With sound, practical advice and comprehensive services for scholarship seekers, parents and coaches, his company aims to maximize the opportunities for pursuing athletic scholarships and financial aid packages to post-secondary institutions in both the US and Canada. This is especially critical at this time of the COVID-19 crisis when many sports have stalled.