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376 | How to Increase Your Sales with a Top Sales and Negotiation Expert
Episode 37624th January 2022 • CRAFTed Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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Today’s guest and new Mommy Millionaire sales expert, Jasmine Daisy, brings so much to the table in this episode. She is phenomenal in what she does and in her conversation with Cayla today, she demonstrates the power of her contagious energy, a strong morning routine, and the impact of investing in yourself. 

Cayla and Jasmine discuss sales, negotiations, friendships, and female collaboration in this episode all about how to increase your sales and influence. The important thing to remember is that Mommy Millionaire can help literally any type of business. Jasmine shares tips on taking yourself to the next level through sales calls but also through your online presence without ever picking up the phone. It’s all about getting personal, changing your own mindset, and coming from a place of service. You deserve to move to the next level and Jasmine is here to give you the truth bombs you need to overcome the fear of investing in yourself.

You will learn:

  • [1:52] - Listen in and you become part of the Mommy Millionaire Tribe. Welcome to the show, Jasmine!
  • [4:01] - Jasmine shares how she became a master sales and negotiation expert.
  • [5:40] - It isn’t just about the money for Jasmine. It’s about connections.
  • [6:51] - Mommy Millionaire can help any type of business.
  • [8:17] - The seller’s mindset begins with gratitude in Jasmine’s morning routine.
  • [10:12] - Thanking God in advance for a great day first, then taking care of your health, and fueling yourself with something good are all ways to reframe your mindset.
  • [12:20] - Invigorate your brain and avoid social media before starting your day.
  • [14:11] - What is the thing that always holds someone back in investing?
  • [16:02] - Cayla describes the first time she invested in herself.
  • [17:55] - Look closely at your priorities.
  • [18:43] - Leaders challenge your current beliefs. Go to the next level. 
  • [19:40] - Jasmine describes what she does for potential clients who say they don’t have the money right now.
  • [21:06] - Investing in yourself is not a risk.
  • [23:03] - How can you sell online without ever picking up the phone?
  • [25:00] - You have to come from a place of service.
  • [27:01] - Timid is nobody. You are not being your true self when you are being timid.
  • [29:18] - If Mommy Millionaire cannot give you exactly what you need, they will find where you need to go and refer you.
  • [31:02] - There are limiting beliefs that come along with high ticket sales. If a belief cannot hold up under scrutiny, you don’t get to keep it.
  • [32:03] - How are you waking up before you go to the world?

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