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What's Working Now with Google Performance Max
Episode 325th November 2022 • The Customer Acquisition Show • Tier 11
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Google's Performance Max is changing advertising as we know it. What is working right now, and how are the experts using it to drive client results? 

On today's episode, the brains behind Tier 11's Google Advertising Division discuss how to get the most out of Google Performance Max - from the recent updates to everything that's working now and what to expect going forward. 

Tune in to hear how you can optimize your advertising through Google's channels, find customers where they are, and drive performance based on your specified conversion goals.


00:00 Introduction

02:51 The transition from smart shopping to Performance Max

04:43 A unified approach to Google and Facebook advertising

06:48 How marketers should be approaching creatives for Performance Max

09:50 The kind of video ads that work for YouTube

11:41 What not to do when using Performance Max

15:40 Performance Max for lead generation

18:17 Click farms and the optimization cycle of doom

21:08 Qualifying phone leads and why it's important 

24:17 Does P-Max cannibalize search campaigns?

27:40 The benefits of running P-Max and search campaigns simultaneously 

29:09 Video marketing: Raw versus polished ads 

31:39 The overall strategy for selling a $2500 course

34:15 SEO versus Performance Max: Which one is more effective?

38:05 Understanding the basics of competitor campaigns

41:55 Getting the most out of the Google ecosystem

44:22 Why the Tier 11 Team is the best at what they do

46:49 Parting thoughts


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