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S2 - Ep 3 A Thin Line Between Dancing And Sex Trafficking Pt 1
Episode 33rd October 2020 • The 411 Live • The 411 Live
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In this episode of The 411 Live, we are joined by Bianca Williams, an entrepreneur and founder of a nonprofit organization called, A Cry for Help Foundation.

With something as simple as dancing, it always start off as fun and games. Bianca started off being groomed for dancing at a young age by her family. It evolved to her going out to parties with friends. As they danced people would throw ones and fives at them.

Bianca said, So, I could make money just for dancing….and this is what I do in front of a mirror for free?” One thing lead to another and she soon ended up working in a strip club. Listen along as Bianca Williams reveals the thin line between dancing and sex trafficking.

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