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S3 | Ep 12 | Building a Data Literacy Programme at Scale with Greg Freeman, CEO & Founder at Data Literacy Academy
Episode 1224th January 2023 • Driven by Data: The Podcast • Orbition Group
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In Episode 12 of Season 3, of Driven By Data: The Podcast, Kyle Winterbottom is joined by Greg Freeman, CEO and Founder of Data Literacy Academy, where they discuss how to build a data literacy programme at scale, which includes; 

  • The reason the Data Literacy Academy exists
  • What the business is, who it’s for and who it’s not for
  • How they’ve raised over half a million in funding to grow the organisation
  • Why Data is a “taught fear” in business
  • Why everyone doesn’t need to be a Data Scientist
  • The importance of finding a champion in the C-Suite
  • The importance of understanding what level of literacy each individual requires
  • The three types of literacy profiles within an organisation
  • Why most organisations fail to realise that literacy is a Change Management initiative
  • The spectrum of understanding of the data literacy problem
  • Why organisations that treat data as a transformational change tend to do better
  • Why the remit of a CDO goes beyond just data
  • The importance of mapping the strengths of your stakeholder relationships
  • Why the starting point for a Data Leader should be to ensure that people understand the value of data
  • You can’t avoid data but you can certainly avoid engaging with it
  • Why teaching hard skills is only relevant at a certain level of maturity
  • Why data people need to improve their business literacy
  • Why being more business literate will help data people to progress in their career
  • The importance of saying “no”, without saying “no” and knowing what to say “no” to
  • Why there are only two gaps; knowledge and communication
  • Why every Data Leader needs to be a Salesperson
  • The importance of having a PR/Communication strategy