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Proclaim Yeshua
Episode 1113th June 2020 • Congregation Beth Hallel and Rabbi Kevin Solomon • Congregation Beth Hallel
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What do we proclaim to the world when there seems to be so many things to worry about? 

Join Rabbi Kevin Solomon as he surveys the Scriptures for what God instructs us to proclaim to Him and to those around us. In a world that seeks answers and peace, the best we can do is proclaim God’s shalom, provision, and salvation. Not only do we proclaim boldly, but we must serve humbly. Our words must be accompanied by action that positively affects society and the lives of others. We have the most powerful message that protects the lives and spirits of everyone, let’s proclaim it! 

Deut. 32:3; Isaiah 52:7; Psalm 40:9; Acts 5:42; Romans 10:8

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