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The California Sound, Burrito Brothers' Chris James with Bruce Hilliard
Episode 1978th August 2021 • Better Each Day Podcast Radio Show with Bruce Hilliard • Bruce Hilliard
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Welcome to the Better Each Day episode 197 with 138 days until Christmas and 365 days until this time next year. I’m your host Bruce Hilliard and I hope your world is a wonderful place.

My hand surgery went well--it’s been about three weeks--and I won’t be playing guitar worth a damn for a while but the time off doing the prescribed exercises and pretending I’m right-handed has inspired me to do things set aside for showing off my penguin flipper dexterity: mix and release a new single called California. We’ll get to that as soon as we talk and listen to the music of guest Chris James of the Burrito Brothers.

California is a song I wrote a couple of years ago on Whidbey Island. I’ll save the details for a future show but for now, here's a teaser. I had the help of Saho Yamashita on backing vocals and rhythm guitar and some really tasty pedal steel guitar licks from Dakota Holden.

I hope you enjoy my song California.