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WIS Morning Show: Stress Management: Do Genders Manage Stress Differently?
19th December 2020 • Safeopedia Podcasts • Safeopedia Podcast
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Join us for Episode Two, as we discuss Stress Management, and look at if genders manage stress differently with guest Louise Hosking. We are going to look at how leaders can respond when they encounter someone who is stressed in the workplace, and dive into if enough industry leaders are setting stress management as a priority for their organizations. Our discussion team is growing! This week we have Donna Cleaton, Lorenzo Visentin and Sylvia Marusyk co-hosting our morning show!


Organisational safety culture is the product of individual and group values, attitudes, perceptions, competencies and behaviours. In the 21st Century world of work, we have more women in the workforce, yet safety data, safety laws and stereotypes are based on the default male, which impacts the emotional safety of women at work.

This series of five podcasts will raise the awareness of diversity at work and how this impacts the safety of women in the workplace by focusing on:

  • Episode One: The total mental load and the unpaid shift, which disproportionately affects women with our Guest Sylvia Marusyk Founder of MindBody Works.
  • Episode Two: Stress experience and coping, which differs for men and women with Guest Louise Hosking Owner of Hosking Associates.
  • Episode Three: Organisational trust and belonging.
  • Episode Four: The lack of sex differentiated safety data and it’s impact on safety law makers.
  • Episode Five: The role of leadership in change.