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Editing For Documentary Filmmakers with Paddy Bird
Episode 11929th November 2019 • The Documentary Life • The Documentary Life
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One of the most popular topics on The Documentary Life deals with post production. More specifically, editing your documentary film. And not surprisingly one of the most popular guests on the program is industry expert, Paddy Bird. Because of this we've decided to make this week's episode an extra special one devoted to... you guessed it, editing.

I'll begin the show with Tips on Getting Started on Editing Your Doc and then we'll have another great editing conversation with Paddy!

Topics Discussed

  • tips for getting beyond overwhelm and just getting started editing on your doc
  • the importance of workflow and tips for a good workflow
  • conversations to have with the decision-makers before starting on an edit
  • tips for the one-man band person editing their own film
  • how editing makes you a better overall filmmaker


Additional Resources

Watch Inside the Edit's amazing video on what the Editor does



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