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Podcast Movement 2018 Takeaways: How to Improve Your Podcast with Brad Friedman
26th July 2018 • Brand on Broadcasting • Ross Brand
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In Brand on Broadcasting with Ross Brand, we share takeaways from Podcast Movement 2018, including tips for keeping your listeners engaged, and talk about the one big mistake you are probably making with your podcast.

This episode is focused on what we learned at Podcast Movement and how it can help all of us improve our broadcasts.

Brad Friedman is a best-selling author and the host of the Digital Slice Podcast. He helps clients with inbound and social media marketing at The Friedman Group. Join me as I sit down with Brad at Podcast Movement on the final day of the conference in downtown Philadelphia as Brad shares his takeaways.

The interview with Brad was recorded live at Podcast Movement in Philadelphia on July 26, 2018. Thanks to TalkShoe for streaming the live audio and Heil Sound for providing the Heil PR40 microphones plus the headphones, headphone amps and boom arms.





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