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Divine Feminine CEO - The Uncorporette EPISODE 26, 24th August 2021
What is a "Dreaming Week"?
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What is a "Dreaming Week"?

In this episode, we dive deeper into a mid-season pause I call “Dreaming Week”. A “cycle of rest” that I bake into my business so I’m always restored, always inspired, and always growing towards my ultimate vision.

I take “Dreaming Weeks” for 3 reasons:

  • I avoid burnout by rooting my business operations in the natural cycles of the earth.
  • To stay in my “CEO” role, I create intentional space for strategy, innovation & inspiration
  • To restore myself!

Now, I know this seems counterintuitive...but by building in “dreaming weeks”, you’ll actually progress FASTER, and on a path you’re happier with.

And...you’ll be able to do it without feeling “guilty”.

Are you brave enough to try a “Dreaming Week”? Listen and find out.

This episode is a replay from a live training Rachel hosted in her private Facebook group, in January 2021. You can visit the group & see more live trainings at: facebook.com/groups/uncorporette