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Talent Management with Sensitivity - with Lisa Mitchell
Episode 1216th January 2023 • Happy Space Podcast with Clare Kumar • Clare Kumar
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We have moved rapidly through a significant evolution in work culture and practice with significant challenges surfacing. As employees and leaders alike are suffering burnout, finding ways to manage overwhelm is a constant priority. Sensitivity is necessary. 

Lisa and I explore why setting boundaries is so challenging, what to do about much needed connection, and why we need to look beyond what we’re doing to how we are doing it.

We also explore improving the efficacy of our communication by marrying intent with impact. Tune in for some remarkable insights on the value of sensitivity at work.

Having honed her skills in senior HR and Organizational Development roles in large Canadian and global companies, Lisa is the principal Thought Partner and Results Coach at Green Apple Consulting. She uses her strategic and practical approach to help Talent Management Leaders embed programs that elevate organizational culture and drive results. She is also host of the podcast “Talent Management Truths” and monthly interactive Talent Talks. 

00:04:29 How sensitivity shows up for Lisa

00:09:03 The value of sensitivity in today’s work world

00:12:48 The challenge of burnout

00:18:27 The need for connection

00:22:56 Workload – the elephant in the room

00:32:29 Intent with impact

00:37:29 Noticing fear

00:39:51 What we can expect


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This podcast is hosted by Clare Kumar. As a productivity catalyst, highly sensitive executive coach, and speaker, Clare cultivates sustainable performance in busy professionals so they can keep making rich contributions in all areas of life and achieve greater fulfillment. She inspires leaders, professionals, employees, and entrepreneurs to respect humanity and boost performance through marrying productivity and pleasure. After all, why shouldn’t you have fun while getting things done? If you're a visual learner, she’s crafted a version for YouTube as well.

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