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Unlocking Carbon Emissions Data Through Utility Bills
Episode 15th December 2021 • The GLYNT View • GLYNT.AI
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Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our generation, and our time to reduce its risk is quickly slipping away.

Companies are required to meet ESG requirements, but accurately tracking carbon emissions data can be a difficult process as it's labor-intensive to find and sort the data. Plus many times the solution is to add more technology, which in turn adds more stress on the environment. 

GLYNT solves this problem by liberating accessible data, like utility bills, and creating easy-to-use CSV and PDF files for reporting, auditors, and lenders. In addition, this provides opportunities to not just reduce carbon footprints by accurately tracking carbon emissions, but to also put money back into the pockets of consumers and corporations.

In this episode of the GLYNT View, CEO, Martha Amram and CRO, Chieng Moua are joined by podcast host Syya Yasotornrat, to discuss these issues and learn more about how companies have tried to solve this in the past and what makes GLYNT's solution so unique.

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