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Devil's Trap: A Supernatural Podcast - Don't Be A Dick Productions EPISODE 19, 1st April 2021
1:19 Provenance
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1:19 Provenance

It's Diana's birthday and she gets all sorts of presents in this episode: creepy ghost children, creepy dolls, and her favorite shudder effect. During Lore we discover Liz's brother from another Charles Scudder while talking about Corpsewood Manor.





The Corpsewood Manor: Murders in North Georgia Petulla, Amy 2016.

Corpsewood: A true crime like no other Ellis, Daniel 2016

The Corpsewood Catchfly: A Witch's Tale Fults, Mark Elliot 2017

Corpsewood: The Eyewitness Account West, Shannon; Scott, Susan E.; Hudgins, Teresa 2015