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103. Get Glowing Skin With These 5 Ayurvedic Tips From Jasmine Hemsley
Episode 10317th October 2021 • The Face Yoga Expert Podcast • Danielle Collins
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Do you want to look and feel glowing and radiant naturally? Are you interested in combining both eastern and western tips and techniques to feel your best self? This week's guest, Jasmine Hemsley shares all this!  

Jasmine is a three-time bestselling author, the founder of Hemsley + Hemsley and East by West, a TV presenter, chef, food and health writer, restaurateur and wellbeing expert. With a passion for eating well to feel happier, healthier and more energised, Jasmine believes in conscious, healthy, and joyful living, drawing from the depth of Eastern wisdom and holistic philosophies of health, and marrying that with the latest cutting-edge technology and developments in Western wellbeing. 

In this episode we chat about: 

  • Jasmine's journey into wellness 
  • The benefits of a kansa wand for the skin 
  • How to use a comb for stress relief and healthy hair 
  • 5 Ayurvedic tips for healthy, glowing skin 
  • Jasmine's wellness routine 
  • Jasmine's top tip for inner peace 

You can connect with Jasmine and @jasminehemsley 

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