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00. [Part 1] One Year Later
25th December 2023 • The Storyteller Squad • The Storyteller Squad
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Hello Adventurers~! Welcome to The Storyteller Squad! ✨🍂🍁📖🎲🍂✨

A year has passed since the world was made aware of the existence of magic and the supernatural. We check-in with our heroes to see how they’re adjusting to life in a world that grows more and more magical each day. Attempting a group camping trip once more, they travel to Yosemite National Park for a well earned and much deserved rest. However… shouldn’t this group know by now what happens when they end up in the woods together? Join us for another cozy lofi forest adventure for autumnal lesbians and witchy cryptids with the heroes from Autumn Falls~!

We’ve intentionally tried to make this episode a good spot for new listeners to start with. But! If you’d like to listen to our recaps of Seasons 1 & 2, for a little more context and backstory about our beloved heroes and how they become friends, check those out here - 

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Or, you can jump all the way back to the beginning of this story, with Episode 1: Origins in Autumn Falls -

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“Coffee in My Garden” by baegel

“The Mole” by Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen

“Can’t Dampen My Spirit” by Adriel Fair

“Heroica” by Eoin Mantell

“Break the Barrier” by Edgar Hopp

“Physical (Instrumental Version)” by Parellite

“A True Hero” by Edgar Hopp

“Phoenix Rising” by Edgar Hopp

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“This Life of Ours” by David Celeste

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“The Storyteller Squad - Maine Theme (Instrumental)” by Natalie Fuinha

Music Tracks and SFX courtesy of: Epidemic Sound (, Monument Studios, and Dark Fantasy Studios

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