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Point Of You - PrimeArt Network EPISODE 2, 1st March 2020
Episode 2: Influence

Episode 2: Influence

Obelle and GV hosts the first guest on Point Of You, Hans Felix, where they explore the different aspects of influence.

Hans Felix is a 27-year-old Entrepreneur, having backgrounds In Health and Fitness, having obtained a Bachelor’s at Washington Adventist University. He currently lives in Maryland. He was raised in Delray Beach Florida, though Born in Haiti and also attended Diquini Adventist University. He is the owner of The Forex trading Markets Apprentice Academy and enjoys teaching his community wherever he goes for the Glory of God.

Interested in Forex Trading? Send Hans a DM on instagram

This episode is also available on Youtube : https://youtu.be/eH0w2tES4cU