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12 Websites that Teachers Should Know About Part 2
27th September 2021 • GotTechED the Podcast • Eric Guise/Nick Johnson
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GotTechED the Podcast

Episode #95: 12 Websites that Teachers Should Know About Part 2

Welcome back to GotTechED the podcast this is Episode #95 called “13 Websites that Teachers Should Know About”.  This is part 2 of a 2 part series where we share 25 total awesome websites.  There is something for everyone on this list K-12 and across all subject areas.   This is another episode you don’t want to miss.  Check it out.

Segment 1: Back to School

Hows it going so far?

Segment 2: 13 Sites for Teachers to Check Out

Episode 95 

  2. Free learning centers for elementary
  3. Hemingwayeditor
  4. Grades your essay out of 10 and points out your weaknesses
  5. Thekidsshouldseethis
  6. The Kid Should See This • Smart videos for curious minds of all ages
  8. Math
  9. Free
  10. Questions right you get rewarded
  11. Shows learning gap
  12. Quillbot
  13. Makes summaries
  14. Checks grammar
  15. Helps paraphrase your sentences
  16. Mystery doug
  17. Kids ask why questions and doug answers them
  18. Readworks
  19. Articles with questions that helps reading comprehension
  20. Sorts by lexile
  21. Wheelofnames
  22. Randomize names to call on
  23. Whossmarted
  24. A podcast for students 
  26. Podcasts that comes with student activities
  28. Past papers for 10-12 in all subjects
  30. Xmas font 
  31. Harry potter font
  32. Fonts that are downloaded as gifs
  33. Writer igniter
  34. Gives you 4 pieces of info and then they write to connect everything
  35. Character 
  36. situation 
  37. prop 
  38. setting

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