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Creating Your Sound: A Conversation with Drop Music Branding - Part 2
Episode 16328th December 2022 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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“But we did a rebranding of brands that already came from a place where they actually have worked, so we work in evolutions, in rebrandings, not just like a brand from the start. So what we try to do is keep the things that are really distinctive if they’ve already made audio branding, but evolve the last bit and try to improve it. The idea is not to destroy what’s already built, the idea is to keep building up.” -- Gabriel Agüero


This episode’s the second part of my interview with Gabriel Agüero, Dalmiro Lacaze, and Mauro Gonzalez of Drop Music Branding as we talk about synthetic music, noise pollution, and the future of audio in a world where machine learning can do a surprising amount of the work for us.


Keep Building Up

As the second half of our interview begins, we talk about the challenge of consistently and effectively rebranding, whether it’s an update to one of Drop Music’s own sonic logos or a reimagining of an audio brand designed elsewhere.  “So what we try to do,” Gabriel explains, “is keep the things that are really distinctive if they’ve already made audio branding but evolve the last bit and try to improve it.” As he puts it, “the idea is not to destroy what’s already built, the idea is to keep building up.”


Bringing Sound to Life

The topic turns to synth music and machine composition, and the differences between human and synthetic musical styles. Drop Music incorporates them both into its services, as Dalmiro explains: "Sometimes we're playing on the synth, sometimes we're playing on the MIDI controller, and sometimes we're playing actual instruments" They go on to tell us how music with real instruments and human performers can convey a sense of spontaneity that digital perfection has yet to match. "In some ways," Mauro explains the subtle differences, and different uses, between an organic performance and a synth track, "you bring life to something that's lifeless – unless you want it to be lifeless."


You Can’t Be Against It

We conclude the interview with a deeper look at synth music, machine learning, and what they mean for the future of audio, and how that future's already becoming a part of Drop Music Branding's toolset. "At the end of the day," Dalmiro says, "it's going take lots of jobs. Like the DALL-E 2 thing, it's unbelievable for making mock-ups," "You need to try to learn how to use it as a tool," he concludes, and Gabriel agrees. "You can't be against it," he notes, "because there's no competition at all."


Episode Summary

  • Working with existing audio brands to revamp their sonic identity
  • How computers and AI software are becoming the new musical instruments
  • The dangers of noise pollution and benefits of sound-based healing
  • What the rise of synth music means for the future of the audio industry


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