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Episode #286: Edwin Kwan: Discovered Zoom Vulnerability Allows Account Hijacking; Katy Craig: LogoFAIL: New UEFI Vulnerabilities Threaten Device Firmware Security; Hillary Coover: Secure Shopping Strategies: Navigating the Peak Season with Virtual Credit Cards; Marcel Brown: This Day in Tech History
Episode 2864th December 2023 • It's 5:05! Daily cybersecurity and open source briefing • Contributors from Around the World
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The stories we’re covering today.

Marcel Brown: December 3rd, 2001. Inventor Dean Kamen unveils the Segway self-balancing battery-powered vehicle on the TV show Good Morning America. The Segway uses computers and motors in its base to keep itself upright while the user is riding it. While the original Segway was not considered a commercial success, it definitely became a familiar icon of personal transportation.

Edwin Kwan: Security researchers revealed a vulnerability in Zoom that allowed the unauthorized access of service accounts. The vulnerability enabled hackers to claim a Zoom Room's service account, gaining invisible access to team chat, whiteboards, and other applications.

Hillary Coover: As we approach peak shopping season, it's crucial to consider measures to protect yourself from online fraud. One effective tool is the use of virtual credit cards. Here are a few frequently asked questions to get you all set up.

Katy Craig: Security researchers have unveiled "LogoFAIL," a set of vulnerabilities in the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI), used by various firmware vendors. These flaws, found in firmware image-parsing libraries, pose a significant risk to a wide range of consumer and enterprise devices from major manufacturers.