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151: Writing your first audio drama: Aspiring audio dramatists discuss the Food for Thought Project
Episode 15125th October 2021 • Artist Soapbox * Audio fiction + Creative Process • Tamara Kissane
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Regardless of your medium or genre, you’ll find this conversation to be a delight. Three aspiring audio dramatists share numerous writing tips, vulnerabilities, and encouragement to tell your story as they write their first scripted audio fiction series.

In 2021, Artist Soapbox has been conducting a 12 month pilot program for aspiring audio dramatists graciously funded by the Mary Duke Biddle Foundation.

In this episode, you’ll hear our three audio writers, Ashley-Ruth Bernier, Tori Grace Nichols, and Shea Stanley, along with the co-administrators, Aurelia Belfield and Tamara Kissane discuss elements of the pilot program and the discoveries made. This year all of the audio dramas were inspired by the prompt Food for Thought, so you’ll hear us refer to it as the Food for Thought Project. 

This conversation in this episode was recorded in June 2021, when the writers were in the thick of finishing their first episodes and writing outlines for their entire seasons. Four months later, in October, we are wrapping up the recording phase so that we can produce and present a portion of each of their pilot episodes. Stay tuned for announcements about that and big thanks to our Production Manager Griffin James and Directors, Rachel Klem, Barbette Hunter and Tori Grace Nichols. 

Please keep an eye on the Artist Soapbox. In the coming weeks, we will be publishing four related blog posts written by local theatre-maker and writer Katy Koop. Each of those posts will provide additional focus and attention on the Food for Thought Project and each individual aspiring audio dramatist.

  • Ashley-Ruth Bernier
  • Tori Grace Nichols, photo by T. Hunter
  • Shea Stanley
  • Aurelia Belfield
  • Tamara Kissane

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