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Amanda Edgar | Transforming Expertise into Impactful Books
Episode 3811th March 2024 • Women Choosing Growth • Tina Sue
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Join Tina Sue as she embarks on an enlightening dialogue with Amanda Edgar, exploring the path of entrepreneurship and the alchemy of turning personal tales into published treasures. This engaging exchange delves into the challenges entrepreneurs face in narrative sharing, interwoven with Amanda's remarkable journey from actress to academic to author. Through Amanda's venture, Page and Podium Press, she illuminates the obstacles of fear and perceived expertise hindering storytelling endeavors.

Their exchange extends into the meticulous process of crafting and releasing a book, unveiling the nuances of self-publishing, traditional publishing, and hybrid approaches. Amanda underscores the importance of grasping the time, financial investment, and degree of control inherent in each method, alongside the pivotal role of an enticing book cover in captivating readers. She champions individuals to embrace their unique voices and perspectives, regardless of the subject's prior literary exploration.

Moreover, Amanda shares invaluable insights into effective marketing strategies for book promotion, emphasizing the significance of consistency across diverse platforms such as podcasts, social media, and strategic sales ventures. Her guidance serves as a beacon for aspiring authors, encouraging them to recognize the transformative potential of their narratives and the merit of sharing them with a broader audience. Amanda's wisdom inspires individuals to surmount self-doubt and embark on the empowering journey of storytelling.

.What you’ll learn in this Show:

  • The benefits of writing a book, including sharing your story and expertise, and leveraging it for marketing purposes.
  • The process of writing and publishing a book, including the different publishing paths and the importance of a book cover.
  • Marketing strategies for promoting a book, such as podcast interviews, social media, bulk sales, and sponsored sales.
  • The significance of sharing your unique perspective and voice in a book, and the impact it can have on reaching and helping others.
  • Overcoming the fear of visibility and the curse of expertise as hurdles to sharing your story.
  • The importance of consistency in marketing efforts and leveraging podcast interviews for book sales.
  • The reasons why entrepreneurs may hesitate to share their stories and expertise, and how to overcome these hurdles.
  • Considerations for choosing a publishing path, including time, expense, and control.
  • The value of investing in yourself and the potential impact of sharing your story on others.


"That's your marketing budget and a lot of times that is a pocket of money that they really don't have a huge plan for spending." - Amanda Edgar

"If you work with a ghost-writer, you will pay at least 5 figures. If anybody's trying to sell you ghost-writing that's under 5 figures, I would be really cautious about that. That's a big investment." - Amanda Edgar

"We know from data that about 81% of people believe that they should write a book that they have a book in them. We also know that only about 15% of that group ever even starts only 3% finishes and only point 6% actually publishes it I know." - Amanda Edgar









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