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Why blogging can help your pet business
Episode 1718th June 2020 • Publicity for Pet Businesses • Rachel Spencer
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Does your pet business website have a blog section?

Have you thought about writing one but never quite got round to it?

Or maybe you’ve started one and life has got in the way.

You’ve heard about the benefits when it comes to SEO and people being about to discover your products and services.

If this is sounding familiar and you’re thinking about getting started the podcast this week is all about blogging.

It’s a recording from a workshop I did at the Pet Industry Federation Virtual Pet Index event on Sunday June 14th.

All the recordings of the webinars from Virtual Pet Index are available until July 14th.

If you’d like access, you can set up an account here: 

Here are the key timings and topics covered in this episode:

2.12 - My background and why I started blogging

4.41 - What is blogging

5.30 - Why start a pet business blog

6.30 - Standing out in a crowded market

7.12 - Showing how you solve your clients' problems in your blog

8.30 - Why blogging is great because it's free!

8.45 - Showing off your products on your blog

9.12 - How blogging can help you get to the top of Google

9.20 - Matching the needs of searchers with websites that meet those needs

10.50 - What do you want to be known for?

11.45 - Getting started with your pet business blog

12.13 - Add the blog to your site

12.40 - How often are you going to post

13.01 - How being accountable can help

13.20 - Ideas for your first five blog posts

16.50 - Essentials for each post like headlines, images, sub headings, call to action, meta description.

20.23 - Promoting your blog post

22.01 - Remember everyone starts at zero

23.01 - Your reasons for blogging and how they can keep you consistent

23.30 - Jude Davidson from Park Life Honiton

24.20 - Alex Graves from Rove Pet Services in Essex

25.00 - Lottie Clements from the Cosy Canine Company

27.04 - Recommended reading

28 - The Kick Start Your Pet Business Blog online programme

Links mentioned in this episode:

If you'd like to check out the pet businesses I mentioned, here are their websites.

Jude Davidson - Park Life Honiton.

Read her blogs here:

Alex Graves - Rove Pet Services.

Learn more:

Lottie Clements - Cosy Canine Company.

Read her blog:

Kick Start Your Pet Business Blog programme

Easy to follow blog post template.

Five ideas for product and service businesses.

How to explainer videos.

How to repurpose a blog post in 20 ways! 

A 30 minute one to one call.

This course is usually £127 but use PIF30 at checkout and it’s just £97.

Sign up: Kick Start Pet Business Blog

Other resources:

Natasha Courtenay Smith - The Million Dollar Blog on Amazon* (Affiliate Link)

Tim Kitchen-Cameron - How to get to the top of Google on Amazon* (Affiliate Link)

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