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A Bondage and Spanking MILF Fantasy
16th May 2022 • Wylde In Bed VIP Club • Devlin Wylde
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Melissa and Chris love each other. They must, right? They’ve been married for years and raised three children together to become adults.

Maybe it’s just the years taking it’s toll on their marriage, or the tiredness from every day life. But this last year, their sex life has dwindled to almost nothing. It wasn’t Mellissa didn’t have an interest in sex any more, she most definitely did, but Chris seemed to have become distracted.

One sleepless night whilst trawling the internet, Melissa discovers a whole new world, one involving bondage and spanking. Flogging and pain. A world of BDSM she never knew was there.

Does this signify the end of her marriage?

How does she handle these new thoughts?