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Jen has been seen and heard on Good Morning America, Sirius/XM Radio, Voice America, and Mortgage News Network. Jen has been featured in publications such as The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post; is a regular contributor to Mortgage Executive Magazine and Mortgage Women Magazine and has been recognized with the Women with Vision Award as one of the Top Women in the Mortgage Industry.

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Hey everybody, welcome to the show. You know where you are? The 9 @ 9 with me TGo. And guess what? Today's going to be a lot of fun, man. A lot of fun. You know how proud I am to be a part of this book I've been talking about Impact. You guys see it go by in our credits on Expert Talk.

We've been talking about it now for, and guess who's here, who's here. The Author, the Woman had put all this stuff together. She's been an entrepreneur for years. She's about to host the show. We're going to sit right there. Jen Du Plessis is here. Jen, are you out there? Hi everybody! Hi! Oh my goodness. You don't know?

Cause I know you are so busy and I talk about the book. I've got it running in my credits. It, yeah, I'm like sitting here just kind of super proud to be a co-author impact. And I'm so glad you could be on what made you decide to do this book? Oh my gosh. Well, it was a whim, first of all.

And as you know, this book was put together in a short six and a half weeks from conception to release. It really was. We were, you know, I was on a coaching call for my, for me, with my coaches and you know, I heard everybody talking in acronyms and you know, and of course I've been, I was in the mortgage business for 35 years,

you know, I've, I'm since way out of that, but, but we have a ton of acronyms and every industry does and I thought, oh my gosh, you know, how fun would it be to put a book together of acronyms that can inspire people. Right. And that's really what it was. I mean, it was that simple as like I know a ton of people who have acronyms and then of course I committed to doing the book,

you know, creating the book. Everybody's an author, but I created the book and then I went, oh my gosh, I can't remember anybody that has acronyms. So then I had to go out and try to find it. And so now I'm really, you know, my intent is a really up about it because we're going to do a Volume Two and making sure that I can reach people really quickly,

you know, who actually have acronyms. So whenever someone says it, I write in their name down and you know, hopefully there'll be in the next volume. So that's amazing. There's going to be Volume Two. I'm happy to be in Volume One. Let me give, get a little dance. Yeah. Well, you know, when we wrote this,

when we did this, we put Volume One on purpose because we knew we were heading in that direction. So yeah, I'm real excited and I'm so grateful that you're in the book and I love your chapter as well. And you know, it's just a, it's an, it's a great opportunity to work with you. Okay. I'm going to give a hand,

just take a LEAP. You guys have to go get the book, but just a LEAP. Okay. So you put this together. I have, I have been hearing, seeing acronyms, you know, it's kind of like when you want to buy a car and it's every time you turn around, you see that car. Yeah, yeah. Now I'm here in acronyms.

I mean, my grandson said an acronym. He's six, a few, a few days ago. You know, now I'm hearing acronyms everywhere because I am in this book, but I want to thank you for allowing me to be in. And I want to thank you for expanding my reach because all of the authors are so nice that are in here.

A good friend of ours, Jennifer Hammond is in here. I mean, all of the authors are so nice. And when I got to meet them, a couple of them, that Prosperity Camp, you know, we connected there, we connected through LinkedIn and Facebook and you know, I'm thinking family reunion picnic next summer. I, it, oh no,

we definitely do. Yeah. And actually we're trying to put together where we're trying to figure out my schedule to put together, you know, some type of a signing event, you know, here, there, and yonder. We're thinking about doing it at Secret Knock. So we'll see what happens. We'll see what happens. I'll I'll bring my fancy pen so I could do my first signing.

This is my first, you know, best-selling book co-authored. I'm just floating on air. I get a show, get a Sharpie. Woo. I'm going to get colored one so I can go, you know, and match the, you know, stand out and that kind of thing. Nevermind. Okay. So let's talk a little bit about your journey because you mentioned it for a second.

You know, you, you mortgage broker, I mean like top mortgage broker in the country, not just, you know, you were doing this from your kitchen every once in a while, you're teaching this, I get emails from you about your programs and everything. That's going on. 1. How do you balance your life and your life? You know,

because people are saying they don't have time to go buy bread right now and you're conquering the world. How are you doing this? Yeah. Well, first of all, I don't go by bread. My husband does all the grocery shopping. So that frees up some time. Right. It totally. Yeah. I don't know. The last time I've walked into a grocery store,

you know, it's, that's, I don't know that we can even accomplish it here. The first thing I just want to tell you is that I don't believe in balance. And so the fact that I'm not trying to balance gives me more opportunities, right? So I believe in priority management. So being all in, if you look at a scale and it's balanced,

you're 50/50, and you're exhausted because you're constantly balancing, right. You're just constantly balancing. So just throw it all away and just dive in, be 100% focused, laser focused in one area at one time and then shift and move to another, be 100% present. And really it's the only way that I can do it. I mean, for example,

on all of our computers here, we can have a thousand tabs open. I they're all off, except for this everything's off except for this. And I get much more done when I am laser focused like that. And I really believe that when you work on purpose, you can play with passion. And so when I come in, I'm working with intention on purpose,

laser focused, not task switching. And when I'm done, I'm done and I go play and I go do the things that I like to do, which you know is dancing. Right. I'm a, okay, you got to come back and talk About dancing. See, I know we shouldn't have done a short 9 @ 9. We should have done a full interview.

So I would invite you to that now, before we're even done with the dancing, really? Okay. We got to talk about that before I get into what I, you know, we're, we're going to kind of tease people with a little bit before we get out of here at 9:09, what website? Cause some people are listening. They're driving.

They may be dancing in their car right now. What website would you like people to reach out to you if they need to find ya? Yeah, the best way is just to go to, and I'm a one "N" Jen. Awesome. Okay. Now, big news. You're an author. We've already talked about you being an entrepreneur, husband buys the bread,

love that you have a show you're actually doing your own talk show, correct? Yeah. Yeah. We're actually doing a TV show and it's called "Tell me I can't" and we're going to be in the studio doing the recording. We have all of our, our guests lined up and we're going to be doing the recordings in October. And then we're doing a reveal party,

a virtual reveal party, January 13th. And then right after that, the show will be released on JD3 TV. And that's going to be on Roku. And I think we're going in Amazon prime with that real shortly here. So we're going to be exploring ideas, you know, or not ideas. I didn't say it, but exploring people's stories of place, times and places where they were told that they couldn't accomplish something and they did it anyway.

And that's what we're excited about. Yeah, that's what we're excited about is hearing those stories and it's everywhere from the, you know, Joe blow all the way up to famous people and not famous people. Like I was told, I couldn't be an actor. And then I was an actor. We're talking about really big stories. You know, where that person who told them they couldn't made an impact on their life for the better.

And if we can share what the gift was that took them on that journey and let others see that gift and others will believe, Hey, guess what? You can't tell me. I can't do anything either. So that's what we're exploring. We're writing a book of the same name as being published shortly, another book. And then we are doing that book is being pushed,

pitched to hallmark and lifetime and it looks like it's heading in that direction. So we're really, really excited about what's coming up. Yeah. So let me just throw my hat in the ring and say, you know, when you get to do season two right now, Stories, you know, I just want to hear everyone's story and you know, as a podcast or I've got two podcasts,

you know I hear a lot of stories... Really Allen, really? She was just talking about her podcasts. Okay. Everybody, you know how Allen is. He cuts us off, go to to check her out, make sure you get the book Impact, you know, Tell me I can't, is coming out really, really soon and we're going to have her back in a full interview.

And as always, I thank you for watching and thank you for being Here. I hope you will be here next time and as always I'm TGo, I'll talk to you next time. Bye Bye!See you.