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The Secret to Enjoying Your Success with Phil Fraser - Ep. 72
Episode 7212th June 2023 • Secrets of the High Demand Coach • Scott Ritzheimer
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In this exceptional episode, Phil Fraser, Business Sounding Board at, shares how he took his zero-funded start up into the growth phases and stresses & strains, blood, sweat and tears and sold it successfully giving him financial and time freedom for the rest of his life.

You will discover:

- How to overcome imposter syndrome

- What to do if you don’t love your business

- Why being a founder, owner, or CEO doesn't have to be lonely

Phil went from a kitchen table start up, with no investment, all the way to multi-million pound sale to a PLC 18 years later. As part of that journey he was a regular keynote speaker, industry conference chairman and creator of his sector’s industry awards. Phil now works with ambitious SME-owners as a Business Sounding Board (think somewhere between Business Coach and Business Mentor). Over the last 18 months Phil has appeared on over 50 podcasts, webinars and interviews. Phil’s mantra is It doesn’t need to be ‘lonely at the top’.

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