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Interview with Hamburg/Berlin Based Sound Agency, WESOUND - Dr. Cornelius Ringe & Lars Ohlendorf - Part 1
Episode 6220th January 2021 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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In this interview, I am joined by two guests who are taking the audio branding world by storm. Dr. Cornelius Ringe and Lars Ohlendorf are partners in the company, WESOUND and Dr. Ringe is the founder of the Audio Branding Academy. We dive into so many great aspects of audio branding in this interview and it’s great to have another perspective on where audio branding is going from here.

 We are discuss:

  • What life looks like in Hamburg, Germany and how they’re both dealing with COVID lockdowns
  • The shift to home office work with audio
  • Musicians’ takes on working from home and doing streaming concerts
  • Experiencing online performances and speeches 
  • Adjusting to the lack of audience interaction
  • Zoom’s impact on musical sound
  • How Zoom has upped their game when it comes to sound
  • WESOUND and where it came from
  • Audio branding’s role in the creation of WESOUND
  • The difference between Audio Branding Society and the Audio Branding Academy
  • The growth of audio branding 
  • Breaking down the difference between sound and audio branding 
  • Europe’s role in audio branding
  • NBC’s accidental audio branding in the very beginning 
  • Radio’s initial sounds and where they came from
  • Advertising and how everything’s transitioned over the years
  • How we are wired to pay attention to sound
  • Finding the right methods and approaches to creating the right sound
  • Audio branding isn't all about science
  • Methodology changes from client to client when creating audio branding 
  • If science does play a role, it’s probably more about psychology than anything else
  • The importance of design over finding the right calculations 
  • Ongoing work on the brand
  • Different companies’ take on the importance of audio branding for their company


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