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THURSDAY THOUGHTS - Reframing New Year’s Resolutions for 2022
Bonus Episode6th January 2022 • Unpolished MBA • Unpolished MBA
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In this premiere episode of 2022, Monique helps us to reframe resolutions by reimagining how to make goals that focus on the impact that we have on individuals and the larger world.

Monique also explores a simple 5-step technique developed by Tim Ferriss that helps participants to continue focusing on positive and nourishing things that produce the most reliable and powerful peaks throughout the New Year!

Topics Include:

  • Reframing New Year's Resolutions
  • Evaluating What Makes Us Truly Happy
  • Practicing Past-Year Reviews
  • Filling Your Calendar With Nourishment, Not Stress
  • The 5 Steps of the Post Year Review


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