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How To Find Courage And Confidence To Create The ‘Impossible’ [Episode 003]
Episode 323rd June 2020 • Soul Led Leaders With Clare Josa • Clare Josa
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Do you ever find yourself 'flinching' - holding back - when you want to find the courage and confidence to take massive action on a dream project? If so, you are not alone! In this episode I'm going to take you through how to take the actions that secretly scare us, without having to push on through the fear - and I'll spill the beans on why that one's such a bad idea, too!

You can use the strategies we'll cover today for yourself, in your work-life, with your personal goals and you can even teach your teams this stuff. So I hope it's going to be an absolute corker for you!


You Will Learn:

  • The secret reason why people resist going all-in on goals
  • The motivational layers that increase engagement - and how to easily inspire people at this deeper level
  • The 7Cs of successful projects and how to apply two of these to your work (more of them later in the week!)
  • The vital difference between a vision and goal and why we're getting this back-to-front
  • The major mistake companies are making that leaves them leading from fear, without meaning to
  • Why leading from your heart, not just your head, is the key to inspiring teams and a practical way to apply the 7Cs to allow you to do this