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Geopats Podcasting - Stephanie Fuccio EPISODE 24, 26th March 2021
A Podcasting Balancing Act with Mete Yurtsever of Değer Yaratmanın Formülü
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A Podcasting Balancing Act with Mete Yurtsever of Değer Yaratmanın Formülü

How do you balance the millions of decisions that need to be made that first year of podcasting? 

In this conversation we discuss these decisions with Mete Yurtsever of the Değer Yaratmanın Formülü podcast. Mete is from and in Turkey now but that hasn't always been the case. He has over 25 years of experience in Marketing and 13 of those years he was working and living in 5 different countries: Romania, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine & Moldova. Now he’s an Independent Consultant helping companies create value through design thinking, facilitating workshops and providing training.  

In this conversation we chat about:

  • what types of podcasts are popular in Turkey
  • what languages and apps are the most commonly used in Turkey
  • why he started his own podcast & what the goals are for it
  • what he learned after doing a listener survey for his business podcast
  • how to prioritize the many podcasting decisions like sound treatment, transcripts, marketing and social media
  • his advice to new Podcasters in Turkey

English episodes of his podcast: https://www.meteyurtsever.com/dyf-podcast/dyf-en-podcast/

The unedited YouTube video of this conversation can be seen here: https://youtu.be/pd1z5gMtfDw

All of the links for that episode and everything else we mention in this conversation will be in your podcast app for this episode and at https://www.stephfuccio.com/geopatspodcasting

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