Building Generational Wealth with Lea Landaverde
Episode 13331st January 2022 • Minority Money • Emlen Miles-Mattingly
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Building wealth for ourselves is a dream for all of us but building generational wealth that will help your entire family and all the future generations to come after you is even better. Here today to help you realize that you too can achieve this is Lea Landaverde.

Lea is the founder of “The Riqueza Collective” and also runs the “Mi Riqueza Podcast”, both of which are all dedicated to one thing and that is for people of color and immigrants to build generational wealth for their family.

If you were born into not the best of circumstances and looking to break through and live the life you’ve always dreamt of for yourself and your entire family then this week’s episode is just for you.     


>> What is Fintwit?

>> Lea’s background 

>> How Lea got into finance 

>> What led Lea to help people build their own generational wealth 

>> Being a queer latina in corproate America

>> What motivates Lea to continue to grow, learn and lead      

Connect with Lea 

>> Website and all other social media accounts  

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