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E173 | There’s a hole in your Bucket with Bryony Thomas
Episode 1737th December 2021 • Mind Your F**king Business • Dominic Monkhouse
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This episode of The Melting Pot is actually a recorded webinar we held called ‘There’s a hole in your Bucket’ with Watertight marketing methodology creator, Bryony Thomas. 

Bryony cut her teeth as Divisional Director of Marketing for Experian before leaving to found her own company in 2008. She took everything she’d learned from doing business development i.e. getting on the phone and doing sales, and joined it up to create the concept called Watertight. 

The idea behind Watertight is that there’s no point filling your bucket unless you plug the holes first, otherwise your money will simply run out of the bottom. 

In this fabulous episode, Bryony walks us through some elements of her programme and in particular she asks, how would you steal your neighbour’s cat? 

Intrigued? Download and listen to find out how you can apply the Watertight marketing methodology to your own business. 

On today’s podcast:

  • What is world-class marketing performance?
  • The four foundations of healthy, and sustainable, sales flow
  • First Flow Foundation – The Right Work
  • Second Flow Foundation – Balanced Routine
  • Third Flow Foundation – Baseline Rhythm
  • Fourth Flow Foundation – Maintain Momentum
  • Your Marketing Flow Score






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