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Are Public Sector Leaders Failing Public Sector Marketing Pros?
Episode 8629th November 2023 • Public Sector Marketing Show • Joanne Sweeney
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Welcome to Episode 86 of the Public Sector Marketing Show!

In this episode, I am diving deep into a thought-provoking question: "Are public sector leaders unintentionally letting down their marketing professionals?" Yes, it's a bold claim, and we're not afraid to explore it!

Now, before you worry about me getting "cancelled," let me be clear—I hold immense respect for public sector leadership. Many of them are devoted lifers, driven by a genuine vocation for public service. However, as the digital waves reshape the landscape of communication, tensions are emerging.

This week, during a captivating social media masterclass with public sector pros, I asked about their #1 social media challenge. The resounding answer? Staying current amidst the ever-changing digital media landscape. If our seasoned marketers grapple with this challenge, it's only logical to ponder whether senior leaders, juggling myriad priorities, might lack the knowledge or understanding needed to fully support the digital transformation of communications.

So, the burning question arises: Are public sector leaders inadvertently hindering the potential of marketing pros to scale digital communications, fostering openness, transparency, and accountability?

Tune in to this episode as I unravel the layers and explore how to bridge the gap for a more connected and effective public sector marketing strategy.