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Tall Can Audio - Tall Can Audio 30th December 2020
TCA Ep771: 2020 GTFO! (Our Annual NYE Show)
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TCA Ep771: 2020 GTFO! (Our Annual NYE Show)

Welcome in to the annual NYE retrospective pod. And man oh man - what a shitshow to have to look back on.

Join Matt and Rob as they crack a few pints and look back on the year that was - even beyond the bloody pandemic. What was hot on Twitter? What musicians that the boys have never heard of got huge? What were we watching, reading and listening to and for the firs time ever - Grinder lets us know which country loves to be on top and who digs it on the bottom.

And of course - which breweries really made an impact for the guys this year and how 2020 actually pushed the Tall Can Audio show to a new level.

It's all here. Lets go!