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The Big Self Podcast - Big Self School EPISODE 50, 25th October 2020
Dancing into fearlessness with Mollie Eliasof
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Dancing into fearlessness with Mollie Eliasof

This release is officially our last release on how you can find greater meaning and purpose in your life by tapping into your inner self-confidence and getting BOLD.

When we reached out to Mollie and told her about some of our upcoming themes for the Big Self Podcast she said: “I love the sound of Boldness, since I am all about having it all in life and love, and I would love to talk about how to boldly move through making space for both, without sacrificing the other.”

Mollie Eliasof is a licensed Couples Psychotherapist helping high-powered professionals across the nation to have the same success in love, as they have in their career. Eliasof elevates relationships and marriages for government leaders, Fortune 500 c-suite executives, celebrities, media personalities and many others, so that they can stay focused on their life mission while maintaining their relationships at home -- truly having it all. Eliasof is a well-known Keynote Speaker, Online Course Creator, and host of the Next Level Relationship Podcast. Her expert advice has been featured in national publications including Forbes, Forbes Women, Thrive Global, and more. And check out her own podcast, Next Level Relationship.

Time Stamps:

2:37 Mollie describes having it all as a feeling of richness on the inside and not checking all the boxes of life

3:24 We discuss how we feel more full in life when we are in alignment with our values and when we are doing the inner work

4:51 Mollie shares how you can conquer fearlessness by focusing on being present 

6:47 We discuss the importance of vulnerability in developing inner self-confidence 

10:08 Mollie shares how to take steps towards vulnerability 

13:35 Mollie shares her definition of wholeness and how she helps people obtain it 

17:35 We discuss purpose as being present in the moment and how to balance being and doing in a way that feeds us rather than depletes us 

19:28 Mollie shares how powerful fantasy and visualization can be to allow us to stretch ourselves and then work backwards to live in that boldness 

23:07 Mollie shares her perspective on finding your purpose 

25:16 We discuss confidence and boldness as it relates to gender roles 

30:56 Mollie shares how to expand when you find yourself shrinking

34:59 We discuss being bold in relationships and how to handle when your visions as a couple don’t align and there is an imbalance of courage 

39:09 Mollie shares practical takeaways on how to handle it when you have that imbalance in your relationship 

44:15 How to find Mollie

44:59 How to join the Big Self School community and sign up for the free Gratitude Challenge 2020 at BigSelfSchool.com/gratitude.

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