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159: How Career & Technical Education (CTE) is Impacting Smart Manufacturing with Kent Powell of Amatrol
Episode 15931st October 2023 • Manufacturing Happy Hour • Chris Luecke
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Whether it’s on the job or in a traditional academic setting, education is essential to building a strong manufacturing function.  

But this episode of Manufacturing Happy Hour homes in on one specific aspect of learning – career and technical education (CTE) – and explores how it’s helping teams make better decisions and better products. 

Amatrol’s career and technical training solutions are used in all 50 U.S. states and in 50+ countries, so we invited Kent Powell, their VP of Sales and Marketing, onto the show to let us in on some of their secrets. 

Kent shares how Amatrol became a leader in their field, his thoughts and observations on smart manufacturing and why Louisville is a hub for education and employment. 

Plus, he explains how Kentucky FAME program is helping students get into manufacturing roles in just two years, debt-free.  

In this episode, find out: 

  • About Kent’s background in aerospace 
  • How Amatrol became a leader in CTE 
  • What manufacturing teams need to know most 
  • Kent’s insights into smart manufacturing 
  • How to decide what to train staff on next 
  • What manufacturing means to Louisville 
  • How Kentucky Federation for Advanced Manufacturing (FAME) is impacting the industry 

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Tweetable Quotes: 

  • “By using smart sensors, as opposed to on-off switches, we’re able to collect more information, make better decisions in record speed, and make a better product in a short amount of time.” 
  • “Manufacturing is our path forward in Louisville. It’s a great place to start a manufacturing company.” 
  • “We’re nothing without the success of our clients. If they’re successful, we’re successful.” 

Links & mentions: 

  • Connect with Kent on LinkedIn 
  • Amatrol, the global leader in online career & technical education (CTE) 
  • Kentucky FAME, the Kentucky Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education (KY FAME) is a partnership of regional manufacturers whose purpose is to implement career pathway, apprenticeship-style educational programs that will create a pipeline of highly skilled workers 
  • Amount of Data Created Daily (2023) 
  • The Brown, a historic hotel in Louisville, KY known for its fine Kentucky bourbon & iconic destination; home of the “Hot Brown” and – according to Kent – one of the best Rye Manhattans in the city 

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