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Coffee and Converse - Diane Mayor EPISODE 69, 27th April 2021
How Prepared Are You For The Unexpected?
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How Prepared Are You For The Unexpected?

While we prefer not to think about the things that can go wrong, as CEOs can we really ignore them completely?

Key Takeaway

Behind the pretty Instagram feeds and closed doors, thing go wrong more than you think. And now you know so now you can plan.

In This Episode

  • What my embarrassing tech troubles can teach you
  • Why it’s important to hear stories like this
  • What ask yourself when you do


If this topic makes you nervous, I want to invite you to make a plan for the things that you can't plan for by joining my live workshop on May 18th.

I'm going to talk you through:

  • What a crisis really is (and why it's not what you think)
  • Real-world examples that have happened to entrepreneurs just like you (because you're secretly thinking this stuff only happens to bigger businesses and celebreneurs)
  • A simple step-by-step process to build a plan for the things you can't plan for so that you have peace of mind when your head hits the pillow or the sh!t hits the fan.

Head to dianemayor.com/plan

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