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Accelerating drug discovery with AI: Insights from Isomorphic Labs
25th April 2024 • Gradient Dissent: Conversations on AI • Lukas Biewald
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In this episode of Gradient Dissent, Isomorphic Labs Chief AI Officer Max Jaderberg, and Chief Technology Officer Sergei Yakneen join our host Lukas Biewald to discuss the advancements in biotech and drug discovery being unlocked with machine learning.

With backgrounds in advanced AI research at DeepMind, Max and Sergei offer their unique insights into the challenges and successes of applying AI in a complex field like biotechnology. They share their journey at Isomorphic Labs, a company dedicated to revolutionizing drug discovery with AI. In this episode, they discuss the transformative impact of deep learning on the drug development process and Isomorphic Labs' strategy to innovate from molecular design to clinical trials.

You’ll come away with valuable insights into the challenges of applying AI in biotech, the role of AI in streamlining the drug discovery pipeline, and peer into the  future of AI-driven solutions in healthcare.

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