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Life Through a Dram - Danny Brown EPISODE 30, 15th June 2019
Why We Need to Let Kids Be Kids

Why We Need to Let Kids Be Kids

As parents, we can add pressure to the lives of our kids without realizing it. Instead of enjoying life as a kid, they're worrying about approval from us instead, and it's harming their growth.

By adding this pressure, we're setting them up to fail, and potentially leading to deeper issues in later life, including mental health and behavioral problems. In short, we're failing our kids, and we need to start asking why this is the case, and how can we fix it.

In this week's show, I chat about why we need to recognize the signs of our kids feeling pressure, and how we can redress this before it's too late.

Topics on the menu include

  • How we're adding unnecessary pressure on our kids
  • How our disappointment over something little can be huge for our kids
  • Why we need to realize that smarter does not mean better
  • How strangers at a Gay Pride parade made kids feel loved again

Settle back for a discussion on whether the happiness we're seeking for our kids is actually for them or more about ourselves, and why we need to make sure it's for the right reasons.

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