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How to Maximize the Benefits of the AI Explosion in Your Real Estate Business
Episode 564th January 2024 • Real Estate Growth Hackers • Zach Hammer
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AI is reshaping possibilities at lightning speed, but sticking to outdated assumptions in real estate could mean missing out on explosive growth. 

Join Zach Hammer and Charlie Madison on the Real Estate Growth Hackers podcast as they unveil AI's unprecedented capabilities and insider strategies for staying ahead. Explore how Zach, with zero coding expertise, used AI to build web apps and discover new paradigms for efficiency, quality, and innovation. 

Surround yourself with AI pioneers for an unbeatable edge, and tune in now to maximize the benefits for your real estate business in the booming AI era!

Other subjects covered on the show:

  • Uncover hidden growth opportunities by asking, “What’s now possible with AI that wasn’t before?
  • Case study: How AI-enabled creating custom avatar video content at an unbelievable scale.
  • Are old assumptions limiting your team’s true capabilities in the AI-powered world?
  • The “AI blind spot” risks entire businesses - how to avoid it.
  • Insider example: $6k & 6 weeks vs $1.8k & 2 weeks software development.
  • Leverage AI writing assistants to supercharge real estate listing descriptions.
  • Mindset shift: Imagine waking up to a world with different “laws” of capability.
  • Avoid following the herd: Forge new solutions instead of relying on conventional wisdom.
  • Nuanced AI voice mimicry unlocks custom automated video production.
  • Join the elite “AI jungle trek” mastermind group conquering uncharted territory.


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